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Word Verification Instructions

Good lord, is it already the end of the month? I know I certainly didn't do what I wanted to do, but I'm pleased with how much I actually did write.

However, I'm more than sure that some of you have hit that magical 50K goal. And I'm sure that you want to redeem your goodies! So here's how you do it:

There will be 2 ways to verify word count so that you can win the contest. If, for any reason, you have your 50,000 words before the end of June and cannot use either of these 2 methods, please PM me BEFORE July 1st and we'll work something out.

Method 1: Email your manuscript to as a .doc or .rtf file. You can use Word, Open Office, or whatever, so long as the file is saved as a .doc (document) or a .rtf (rich text format) file. Your manuscript will be used for word count verification only. You CAN encrypt the text if you like. Once I've verified word count, I'll delete the file.

Method 2: Copy and Paste your story into the word counter Tool HERE. Once the words are counted, take a snapshot of the result and send it to me via email to

Once your word count has been verified, I'll send out a winners pack to each winner via email.

Again, if there are any issues, PM me or Trolligans on the forum, and we'll do our best to help you out!
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Lake Charles LA Area Write Ins

Now, remember when I said that I encouraged everyone to have write-ins? Here's our announcement for our local one!

We hold them on Saturdays, at 2 at Joe Muggs in the Books-A-Million in Lake Charles. BAM is on Ryan street by the interstate (the lake-side of the interstate, not the McNeese side of the interstate), in a shopping mall. It's hard to miss.

Bring your preferred method of writing your novel -- pen and paper, typewriter, laptop, personal scribe -- and anything you use to help you write (iPod, headphones). We have extension cords and power strips for everyone's plug-ins, although we try to sit by the pole with the outlet.

Write-ins do tend to be a social experience; however, we ask that you respect other writers who are working. We all hate it when someone comes in and interrupts us when we're in the zone. So, y'know, only interrupt them if we've sparked an electrical fire when we daisy chain the extension cords.

We hope to see you there, and don't hesitate to have one of your own in your area!
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And we're off!

That's right, the buzzer's sounded, it's time to write!

Good luck with your plots/muses/stories this week, don't hesitate to make a post to the comm if you're stuck with your story and don't know where else to go, want to complain about your muses doing their own thing, want to hold your own virtual write-in, or want to challenge others to word wars!

Hopefully later this week, we'll have a pep talk.
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*dusts off comm*

So yesterday I'm at work and writing down the date and I realize that... Holy hell, it's almost June!

That's right, people, it's that time again! wrianojune is open for business!

For those who are new, or those who need a reminder:

What Exactly Is WriDaNoJune?

wrianojune is in its third year, and was invented by our fearless leader Trolligans because he couldn't stand to wait a whole year for NaNo to start. Plus, when you think about all the things that fall in November -- the various holidays that occur and are looming, finals, and other obligations that require attendance, June really is just so much better. Stay inside, prevent skin cancer, write a novel at breakneck pace.

The rules can be found here, and don't hesitate to drop a comment if you have questions.

wrianojune can be found in various places. We have a Myspace page, a Facebook community, of course a LJ comm (welcome, welcome one and all!), and our own forum.

We (the friendly neighborhood mods) also encourage you to participate in word wars and write-ins. These can be held in public places if you've got a group of people participating near you, or they can be held online in chat rooms, on the forums, or here! Please, feel free to use this comm to make your own posts challenging people to wars, pose questions to your fellow sufferers -- I mean, writers -- and just have general conversations about what you're writing, your writing process, things like that.

And with two days to go, let's hear what you're going to work on!

-- Gracie

End of the Month Pep Talk

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so freaking proud of how well everyone has done this month! Everyone's done such a good job, and we're all just thrilled with how well this went on!

Just a few little notes before the final pep talk:
* You can still send in your emails to Troll ( We're going by the honor system, so whatever you were at on June 30, 11:59 PM, send in.
* This community will stay open all year long, although I doubt it'll be active after this. Feel free to talk about other writing contests you're doing -- including NaNo in November! -- or how your story's going. Especially if you score that gold ring of published!
* You are welcome (but not obligated) to link/post to your wrianojune work here on the site. Let me know if you want a tag and I'll make one up for you!

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And now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to go sleep now.

There's The Finish Line!



So. Let's hear about all our accomplishments. That's right, accomplishments.

Did you get a pretty, shiny banner? Sweet! Tell us about it!

Did you almost make it, but you got a story or two (or three or four, in some people's cases) turned out? Hot damn! Let's hear it!

Did you only write 1,000 but you got that first chapter out, damn it, and it feels good to let it free? You guessed it, leave a little blurb about your greatness!

Also, at 12:00 AM in whatever time zone you're in, let's hear those final word counts -- if you feel like telling the world.

As for me? I've only hit about 26K by my closing time tonight; however, I have done 10 chapters of various fic and one and a half chapters of original stories with that 26K. And I'm damn proud of that fact! Plus... I have another day to work it.

Let's Hear Those Good Things So We Can Cheer You!

-- Gracie

Pep Talk #3

Hello everyone! We're into the final week, so here we are -- the third pep talk!

I also realize that some of you are already done with your stories, or are getting close to the end. Yes, we do have certificates for everyone. More specifically, Troll has certificates for everyone. He doesn't trust me with them.

Anyway. You'll need to send him your manuscripts so he can verify your word count. He won't read them, and feel free to use online document scramblers. He can only accept MS Word documents or Rich Text Format documents. Email him at, and make sure to put your name and the title of your story in the email. He'll send you the certificate to you as a PDF.

And now, onto the pep talk! I wrote this week's talk, so don't get your hopes up too high.

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do not attempt!

Pep Talk #1

Congrats to everyone for surviving one week! I'm so proud of you all, and am so very pleased to say that (according to everyone who volunteered their word count) we have amassed at least 128,164 words! That's two and a half projects done! *applauds to everyone*

You've all also been so fantastic to everyone, and I've seen just the best sense of camaraderie and support for each other here, and it makes me so happy to be a part of this! Keep up the good work!

And now, for procrastination your reading enjoyment, we bring you a pep talk by our very own midassa_in_gold, who also heads up the Facebook branch of wrianojune!

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